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About  Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals

Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, gateway to the Northern California Redwood Coast is the perfect romantic getaway. Our cozy cottages have all the amenities of home. Located  at the epicenter of outdoor activities, we are within walking distance of Sumeg State park, a 640 acre rocky headland that juts into the Pacific Ocean. Agate Beach, the Rim Trail, Wedding Rock and the remnant inland Sea stacks inside the Park, are all worthy of exploration. It's a short commute to Trinidad State Beach, Big Lagoon State Park, Stone Lagoon, Freshwater Lagoon, Prairie Creek State Park, Redwood National Park and Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park.

There are ten local publicly accessible beaches within minutes.
Nearby, there are five major rivers for angles and river rats.
There is a rich heritage and diverse culture here as well.

It is reflected in the Victorian architecture of the long established landmark towns of Eureka, Fortuna and Ferndale.
One would be remiss to not acknowledge the local native tribes and their contribution to the harmony and balance that exists here, continuing the stewardship of their fisheries and environment.

Grass Roots

As longtime residents on the Northern California Redwood Coast, our staff has an intimate knowledge of the hidden gems that are located minutes from Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals. Our mission is to provide our guests with an an extraordinary experience that creates unforgettable memories with loved ones.

At Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, our unparalleled expertise sets us apart.  We understand and possess an intimate understanding of the region that eclipses that of our competitors. The staff is more that happy to share the Redwood Coast's treasures with you.

Being located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle has it's perks as well.
We are 420 friendly, outdoors!

Iris Giovanna Massaro RIP – The Visionary

At the heart of every remarkable venture lies an indomitable spirit. At Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, that spirit is encapsulated in the person of Iris Massaro. Iris wasn’t just a co-founder; she was the touchstone of our vision and the driving force behind our mission. Her journey in crafting Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is a testament to her unparalleled tenacity, grit, brilliance, and foresight. But more than anything, it’s a reflection of her unwavering determination to bring about transformative experiences for those she served. Growing up in an era when the odds were often stacked against her, Iris embodied resilience. Her life was marked by challenges that would have daunted many. Yet, with each setback, she only grew stronger, cultivating a keen sense of the world around her and an innate ability to spot opportunities where others saw obstacles. In the early days, when the vision for Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals was just a spark, it was Iris’s brilliance that turned it into a roaring flame. The business plan bore the unmistakable mark of her genius – a meticulous balance of ambition and practicality. Iris saw potential in a raw parcel of land in Trinidad, CA, envisaging a haven

for vacationers seeking the unique blend of serenity and adventure. Yet, what truly set Iris apart was not just her acumen, but her unyielding perseverance. From navigating the complexities of the commercial recreation landscape, to embracing the formidable task of transforming raw land into an idyllic getaway, Iris faced every challenge head-on. Her approach was always underscored by a rare combination of audacity and meticulous planning. Her foresight was nothing short of prophetic. She anticipated trends before they became mainstream, ensuring that Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals was always a step ahead, setting standards, not just meeting them. Each cottage, each experience curated here, echoes her philosophy of excellence and her commitment to creating lasting memories for our guests. But to understand Iris merely through her professional achievements would be incomplete. At her core, Iris was an embodiment of generosity. She invested not just in land or brick and mortar, but in people. This venture is as much a testament to her faith in human potential as it is to her business prowess. Whether it was trusting a technologically-challenged associate to take the lead, or guiding and mentoring her team to bring out their best, Iris’s generosity of spirit was palpable.


To our guests, we invite you to experience Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals not just as a destination, but as a journey. A journey that celebrates Iris’s legacy, her indomitable spirit, her relentless pursuit of excellence, and her belief in the transformative power of genuine hospitality. Here, amidst the tranquil settings and top-notch amenities, you’ll find a manifestation of Iris’s dream – a dream she sculpted with grit, nurtured with love, and brought to life with an unyielding zest. Come, be a part of Iris’s vision. Experience the magic she envisioned. And leave with memories that echo just one of her enduring legacies,  Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals.

Carolyn Ann Thomas – The Heart of Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals.

Born in the rich cultural tapestry of Lafayette, Louisiana, Carolyn Ann Thomas made a transformative journey to Northern California’s majestic Redwood Coast in the 1960s, alongside her parents, Susie and Willie Lee. Rising from a foundation steeped in adversity and challenges, Carolyn’s ascent to the role of manager at Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is nothing short of inspiring. A fervent prayer warrior, Carolyn’s faith has been her guiding compass, and she has channeled her spiritual strength.

into acts of service, both within her church and the broader community. Her southern roots bloom in her interactions, bestowing upon Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals an aura of warmth and genuine hospitality. Carolyn’s effusive charm, backed by her steadfast dedication, has garnered universal admiration from guests, as evidenced by the ceaseless stream of 5-star reviews. When guests step into our rentals, they’re embraced by Carolyn’s spirit, a blend of southern hospitality and unwavering commitment, making every stay memorable.

Shemarr Patrick Lee Prudhomme – a.k.a. ‘The Sheriff’ of Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals. Shemarr is the dynamic pulse that keeps the rhythm of Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals alive during the moonlit hours. As the cherished grandson of Carolyn and the adopted son of our esteemed CEO, Shemarr weaves a tapestry of familial dedication and modern expertise into the business. His large heart and unwavering commitment ensure guests are greeted warmly,

even during the latest of check-ins, allowing his grandmother, Carolyn, a well-deserved respite. Outside, his diligent work on the landscape enhances the beauty and charm of our property. Shemarr’s talents don’t stop at hands-on tasks. He bridges generations by lending technological prowess to the business, ensuring we stay connected in this digital age. His unique blend of traditional values and modern skills truly embodies the spirit of Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, where the past meets the present, and guests are treated like family.

Michael Wheeler – The Indomitable ‘Toolbox’
In the heart of Trinidad, California’s community, and at the very essence of Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, stands a figure of unmatched skill and unwavering dedication: Michael Wheeler, or as we all fondly know him, ‘Toolbox’. His moniker speaks to the vast range of his expertise, bearing testimony to a man who can fix virtually anything, be it automotive intricacies, electrical enigmas, or plumbing puzzles. A selfless pillar of our community, Toolbox’s commitment to service extends beyond the practical tasks he so masterfully handles. His roots in the military, where he ventured into realms as diverse as paratrooper school to BUDS demolition, reflect a spirit ever eager to learn, adapt, and serve.

Each 4th of July, as the boom of his treasured relic cannon fills the air, we’re reminded of a man who served his country with valor and continues to serve his community with the same fervor. His tireless dedication is unparalleled. Rain or shine, Toolbox doesn’t believe in days off, a testament to his unparalleled work ethic and resilience. Even as health challenges try to deter him, his selflessness stands tall, making him a beacon of strength and reliability. Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, and indeed the entire Trinidad community, owe a debt of gratitude to this incredible man. From his military service to the nation to his ceaseless contributions locally, Toolbox exemplifies excellence and endurance in every endeavor. His spirit of community service, combined with his technical prowess, makes him an invaluable gem, and we’re truly blessed to have him.